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Improve Your Power and Accuracy - checking on correct golf position

8220 Bayview Avenue, Thornhill (ON) L3T 2S2         905-764-3818

Improve Your Golf Game with Dynamic Recovery Rehabilitation Centre

Cut strokes off your golf score and learn to swing in tune with your body at Dynamic Recovery Rehabilitation Centre, a Titleist Performance Institute certified facility. A specific golf movement test will highlight your physical strengths and weaknesses. We will use this information in conjunction with the knowledge gained from your golf coach to design a personalized fitness program.

Improve Power, Accuracy and Consistency

While working with your coach, we can create specific, individualized rehabilitation and fitness programs that will get your body into peak shape while improving power, accuracy and consistency of your swing. We can increase your enjoyment with lower scores while promoting a safe, healthy swing that will prevent injuries. Find out more about our golf fitness program.

Our golf fitness program focuses on:

  • Pain Management

  • Joint Range of Motion

  • Flexibility

  • Core Stability

  • Muscular Strength and Power

  • Balance and Proprioception

About TPI

Titleist Performance Institute is the globally-known leader in golf-specific health and fitness information and research from some of the game’s leading experts. The TPI-certified physiotherapist at Dynamic Recovery Rehabilitation Centre is trained in identifying, treating and preventing golf-specific injuries for players at all levels.

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